Results are our specialty.

Advertising regularly in the reminder will send customers your direction. Since 1965, our target market has generated business for all of our advertisers. This makes the reminder a reliable advertising investment.
The uniqueness of the reminder lies in the fact that it penetrates an area between two major metropolitan cities in North Central Iowa. To effectively cover all of this market with any other print media, you would need to use seven weekly and two daily newspapers. This makes the reminder the best print to buy in our market.

Advertising Prices

Ad Rates
$6.35 per column inch
How big is a column inch? 1.5645" W x .8743" H

$6.35* per 25 words
Payment must be made prior to publication running unless a
pre-approved open account has been established.
*Ad includes Internet listing

Insert Rate*
$75.00 per 1,000
*Rate based on 8.5"x11" single sheet insert

$62.40* - 52 issue subscription
*Continental U.S.

Ad Position
Request for ad position will be filled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.
$12.00 surcharge will be added.

Advertising Deadline
Monday @ 4:00PM

Published Weekly
Circulated Wednesday/Thursday

Color Charge
$60.00 per color per page

Process Color
$260.00 per page SALE PRICE $95.00

Rerun Discount
Scheduled prior to 1st run - 15% off subsequent runs
Scheduled within 90 days of 1st run - 10% off subsequent runs
*No updates can be made to receive discounts

Tearsheets & E-Mail
Tearsheets and e-mail are available. Prices vary depending on size
of ad and number of placements.

Use our networks to reach a larger market

The Midwest Classified Network (MCN) is available to all of our customers who wish to advertise on a larger scale in the classifieds. This network reaches 2.7 million homes throughout the Midwest every week, and can bring you business from 12 different states. A great way to increase your visibility on a limited budget. Talk to your Sales Representative for more information.

The Midwest Display Network can provide coverage in 12 different states for your display advertising. Let us show you how you can reach other markets with your weekly advertising, and save time and money in the process. These ads can be run in 2, 3, 4, or more additional publications, yet you only have to deal with one Sales Representative, and one bill.

The Midwest Advertising Network combines with MDN to give you additional coverage where shoppers may not be available. There is not a market that we can not reach for you, and you are saved the time and trouble of contacting every publication you wish to reach.

We can place your inserts anywhere within a 12 state region, and you only pay one bill. We have negotiated rates with many of the shoppers, and can offer you substantial savings with this exciting program.

Galaxy® Agency
Galaxy® Agency was formed with the express purpose of serving our customers' needs. Our agency can provide extended advertising to all types of publications as well as television and radio commercial advertising. Galaxy® Agency can also provide ad design, art work, copy writing, brochure layout, camera work, and much more. Please ask one of our Representatives if you would like to know more about Galaxy® Agency.

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