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Thank you for your interest in the reminder: advertising that works!
According to a recent independent audit by Circulation Verification Council...
98.1% receive the reminder every week
80.1% normally read the reminder each week
79.0% frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in the reminder

Advertising regularly in the reminder will send customers your direction. Since 1965, our target market has generated
business for all of our regular advertisers. So, you see, the reminder is a very reliable advertising investment.

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What Makes The Reminder So Special?

The uniqueness of the reminder lies in the fact that it penetrates an area between two major metropolitan cities in North Central Iowa. To effectively cover all of this market with an other print media, you would need to use seven weekly and two daily newspapers. This makes the reminder the best print to buy in our market.

So what are you waiting for? Boost your exposure in this great market with an advertisement in the reminder!

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